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Why Buy Terranova?

The philosophy Terranova lives by is; healing, wellbeing, and complete nourishment. They have designed formulations that achieve synergistic effects in the body. Synergy occurs when an interaction between compounds produces effects that are far greater than the combined individual effects attributed to each component. Terranova has used pure and fresh food and botanical ingredients in conjunction with isolated minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. An individual’s genetics, diet, age, gender, lifestyle and stress levels affect the body’s ability to generate a high level of synergy, which can affect the effectiveness of a supplement. Therefore, Terranova has used this concept during the development of its products resulting in some of the finest supplements available at great prices. They also have some of the best reviews and are well known for the superior quality of their products.

Organic or ethically foraged

Many of the botanicals and phytonutrient-rich foods in their products are either certified organic or ethically foraged. They also use the Eclectic Institute, a certified organic herb farm located in the state of Oregon, USA, as their primary botanical supplier. The farm is set in a chemical free environment and foraging is done in an environmentally sustainable manner, without upsetting either the plant species population or the delicate ecosystem.

Only the good stuff

Terranova prides itself on avoiding in-active manufacturing additives. They are one of the few supplement companies to completely free from using binders, sweeteners, fillers, lubricants, disintegrants, anti-caking agents, coating agents, colouring agents and flavouring agents in their products. Other brands use these in-active manufacturing additives to improve their margin, cutting down on cost, and keeping the price high, they are adding no value to the customer. They offer high-quality products at an affordable price. They also believe that avoiding these additives allows for the full synergy between, phytonutrients, plant enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and other active compounds, reducing interference on the biochemical or physiological level. Terranova product range is also 100% vegetarian and vegan friendly.


Terranova has enhanced and enriched each of their products with a synergistic complex of botanicals and phytonutrient rich foods, which they call Magnifood. Magnifood ingredients have been combined to enhances the body’s biochemical environment, improve delivery, and maximize the potential benefits of the product’s active ingredients.

Fresh freeze drying

Many of the ingredients used in Terranova products are fresh freeze dried which has been scientifically shown to retain the potency, biochemical integrity and enzymatic activity of these ingredients. Fresh freeze drying also prevents enzymatic/chemical changes associated with other drying methods which can reduce effectiveness and possibly alter the biochemical balance of ingredients. In fact, the biochemical components of a fresh freeze-dried plant are at a much greater concentration and nutrition, due to the removal of the moisture content and therefore improve delivery of active nutritional compounds. In other words, Terranova fresh freeze-dried botanicals are a highly concentrated version of the original fresh plant.

Learn about Terranova

Terranova Synergistic Nutrition was founded in 2008 and has expanded to be a company with more than 100 different nutritional and botanical products, which are formulated and manufactured in Britain. Terranova has built a very strong brand that occupies a rare position within the large-scale supplement companies because their products are free from fillers, binders and other manufacturing additives - 100% of the products are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans providing a viable choice to those who want or need to use plant-based or animal free supplements.

The most important aim of Terranova’s formulation concept is to produce products with maximum possible purity, effectiveness and safety. This concept is both scientifically advanced and is based on the company’s holistic principles. Terranova achieves this by avoiding ingredients such as additives in supplements; choosing whole plant ingredients instead of pharmaceutical extracts; avoiding excessive potencies; and increasing the synergistic environment in the body for supplements.

Buy Terranova

The team at Nuro has carefully selected the Terranova brand as well as products with Adaptogenic and Nootropic properties to help you create and maintain a healthy brain. We are passionate about the brand and have provided honest and trustworthy advice on each ingredient, this means you can search, learn and shop for the best customer experience. We offer the most competitive prices available and free delivery when spreading over £20.


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