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Kiki Health are a British, ground-breaking, independent ethical company. Kiki Health offer some of the highest quality, purist and pioneering food supplements products available on the market. Kiki Health create products ‘exclusively from nature.’ They are 100% pure, 100% natural and aim to produce ingredients that maximise efficacy. During Kiki Health’s production process, they carefully choose and ethically process their ingredients to maintain unrivalled bioavailability.

Kiki Health guarantee organic or wild crafted products with no additives, binders, fillers or other non-naturally sourced chemicals and are non-GMO and non-irradiated. They have a range of food supplements aimed to help with a multitude of specific conditions.

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Kiki Health’s ethos is based on designing products to ‘cleanse, detoxify, heal and nourish.’ Kiki Health maintain that the key to happiness is health and they set out to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Kiki Health understand that to achieve the best products, only the purest and highest potency ingredients must be used. Their products are carefully picked and processed to maximise the effects they possess and to ensure unrivalled bioavailability. All of Kiki Health’s ingredients are traceable offering unrivalled transparency for their customers. They are totally organic and do not use any additives, binders, fillers; nor do their products contain GMO ingredients.

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Our Kiki Health range includes mushroom extracts and dietary supplements designed to assist with cognitive function.

All of Kiki Health’s mushroom extract products, are manufactured through their enzymatic, temperature controlled dual extraction process. They are pure and concentrated and contain no additives, mycelium nor grains and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Kiki Health Chaga extract captures the highest concentrations of nutrients available in Chaga. For centuries, Chaga mushrooms have been used as a medicine to aide with immunity and improve overall health. Chaga mushrooms are packed with vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients. These beneficial nutrients include: B-complex vitamins, vitamin D, essential amino acids, fibre, zinc, iron, and calcium. Chaga mushrooms stimulate and increase the number of white blood cells, crucial for warding off any harmful bacteria or viruses. With a high content of anti-oxidants, Chaga extract has the potential to reduce blood sugar levels and cause an anti-inflammatory effect.

Kiki Health Lion’s Mane Organic Extract improves mental functioning through its two special compounds hericenones and erinacines. These two compounds stimulate the growth of brain cells and aid in repairing nervous tissue. Lion’s mane can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and has been linked to protect against Alzheimer’s. Lion’s mane may reduce inflammation, prevent tissue damage in the intestines and protect against stomach ulcers. Lion’s mane may improve cardiovascular health by reducing the risk of heart disease and also reduce blood sugar levels.

Kiki Health Reishi Organic Extract is produced from extracting mushroom fruiting bodies. Reishi mushroom can help the immune system through its interaction with white blood cells. The mushroom is a potent antioxidant and also has been linked to affecting cortisol, which is the messenger in the body responsible for feelings of stress and anxiety Proteins:

**Kiki Health Maca Powder ** is a blend of all four Maca plant roots: red, yellow, purple and black which each 25g. Native to Peru and sometimes referred to as Peruvian ginseng, the Maca plant has been labelled a superfood. It is highly nutritious and boasts a wide array of vitamins and minerals and large amounts of fibre. It is high in vitamin C, B6, iron, calcium and potassium. These vitamins and minerals can help boost the immune system, provide more energy, improve fertility, balance hormones and overall increase vitality.

Studies have demonstrated Maca as being effective at improving sexual desire, with experiments showing huge improvements in sex drive for both sexes. In addition, studies of supplements used in menopausal women link Maca powder in helping with menopausal symptoms. Also, as women have a higher risk of osteoporosis after menopause, its effect on bone protection was analysed. It was found that the extract was effective in reducing the risk of post-menopausal bone damage. Maca’s effect on improving mood and symptoms of depression is linked to plant compounds called flavonoids, which are suggested to be partly responsible for its psychological benefits.